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People I’m related to, there are many more than the ones I list here, but I don’t write about them too much.

Dad (Carlos): 49 years old, emigrated from Guanajuato, México when he was a kid. He’s the oldest son in a family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Works for himself as a personal financial analyst. Until he and Mom moved to the suburbs in ‘78 they both lived in East LA. Very talented musically and plays instruments like the guitar, bass and piano by ear. He’s been married to my mom for 25 years.

Mom (Luz): 46 years old, emigrated from Zacatecas, México when she was a kid. She has 5 sisters and 2 brothers though she’s one of the youngest. Works with pre-kindergarten age kids with autism or Down syndrome. Throws great parties, cooks yummy food, makes clothes and decorations for the house, kind of like the Mexican Martha Stewart.

Danny: 24 year old brother who is hardly ever at home when I’m there. He’s the kind of person who gets along with everybody, and their mother, literally. Growing up we did everything together whether it was Mexican folkórico dancing, singing in the Spanish language children’s choir at church, or playing Little League. Currently he works with Dad as a financial analyst and part time as a cashier at a car dealership.

Lori/Yoyi/Yo: 19 year old sister. Everybody says we look like each other, but she’s actually a lot cuter. She knows how to put on goop and use the curling iron even though she doesn’t need to. But she’s got more talent than just making somebody look pretty. She’s also a budding photographer, good singer, and she’s just very creative. She’s also very smart. She’s got the brains, beauty and the skills!

Adrian/Age/Chunk: 17 year old brother though he does not look it since he’s a lot darker than I am. He’s the drummer in his band (which doesn’t have a name yet) and is not really even “chunk” anymore. He plays guitar quite nicely too. At times he is quite bizarre and tackles you surprisingly; you got to make sure you watch your back. He imitates George López – who is el shit – incessantly. Don’t let his good looks fool you! (Age wrote most of this).

Papá Chepe: my 82 year old maternal grandfather. Born in Juárez, grew up in a small village in Zacatecas. First came to the US as part of the Bracero Program during World War II. Lately he’s been getting sick. He loves to dance and work in the garden. Spends his time with his wife at my parent’s house, in Tijuana at the house he built, and in El Cargadero, Zacatecas the village where he used to be el presidente.

Mamá Toní: my 80 year old maternal grandmother. She spoils me whenever I’m home, but she nags and talks a lot, even if no one is listening. She’s very traditional and thinks I should spend time ironing and cooking in the kitchen, but is also proud of me for being in school. She and Papá Chepe have been married for 60 years! Together they have over 70 children, grandchildren, sons- and daughter-in-laws, and great-grandchildren.

Grandma: paternal grandmother, she passed away on January 12, 2000. I still miss her a lot. She loved cats, coffee, Sunday brunch and spoiling her many grand kids. She was born in Nebraska, when her father worked on the railroad there, so she was always a US citizen. Before she emigrated with Grandpa, they lived in Salamanca, Guanajuato. Finally settled in East LA after living in Texas, and Stockton, California.

Grandpa: paternal grandfather, passed away on December 28, 1996 after a short bout with renal cancer. He worked as a steelworker and as a sobador in the Mexican tradition of massaging your aches away. He had a great devotion to la Virgen de Guadalupe. Fathered 8 children who lived through adulthood, and has lots of descendants. I talk to him and Grandma when I visit them at the cemetery ‘cause they’re buried together.

Tía Marta: Mom’s little sister. The mother of Nancy, Vanessa, and Valerie.

Tío Pancho: Tía Marta’s husband. When I was young and they were still dating, they’d baby sit me and pretend I was their kid. He took over Papá Chepe’s gardening business.

Nancy: 17 year old cousin. I call her my Shorty even though she’s at least 6 inches taller than me. She’s an aspiring artist and collects candles.

Vanny: 14 year old cousin, very smart and plays clarinet in her school’s band. I think she has issues with being the middle child like I do.

Valerie: 7 year old cousin, also “the Sunshine of my Life.” She’s very smart, just like her cousin. She’s the Piglet to my Pooh.

Tío Chuy: one of Mom’s 2 older brothers. Works for Xerox and wears cool hats. He has three sons, aka los pollos, Eric, Ernie and René.

Tía Luisa: my glamorous aunt married to my Tío Chuy who is kinda nerdy. She’s always made up and wearing nice clothes. She cuts my hair sometimes too. She and I share a birthday too. Last, she’s always late, like me.

René/Mophead: 19 year old cousin, and freshman at Cal Poly Pomona. I call him a Mophead because he has long curly hair currently in the process of 'locing. Quite talented artistically, especially at sketching people. He also shares my passion for rock en español.

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