tough question
07.25.05 // 1:04 a.m.

Xoloitzquintle asked another tough question:

What question would be the most difficult for you to answer and why?

I'm Catholic.

Well, I grew up Catholic. From the moment I was born to my first year or so of college, I attended Mass every Sunday. Then some time in college (I know when, too), I stopped going as often. It didn't bother me either.

I still go through the motions, but a lot less, and with a lot less feeling.

I find it really difficult to discuss my spirituality and how it has shaped all aspects of my life, even with other Chicanas who grew up Catholic.

I haven't gone to confession in a while, mainly because I find the question "What are your sins?" (or whatever the actual question is) the most difficult question to answer.

Being truly honest is incredibly tough.

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