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06.12.04 // 6:10 p.m.

These are few of my favorite things... I just thought that I would share them.

Sin categoría (random shtuff)
1. Greeting cards and letters for no particular reason
2. LA Weekly, feature articles and calendar
3. Karaoke singing at Boardwalk 11 (especially bitter anti-love songs)
4. Build-a-Bear shops
5. Soft Lips chapstick and Carmex
6. Culture Clash skits
7. SPARC Murals
8. Sunset at the beach
9. Posing for pictures (I love to flash my cheesy grin)

1. Café Tacvba and their entire discography
2. Julieta Venegas, everything but especially
3. Quetzal and their entire discography
4. Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
5. Los Lobos’ two cd-collection Just Another Band from East LA
6. The Velvet Teen, an indie-rock band from Santa Rosa, CA
7. The Cure’s Galore and Staring at the Sea (the singles collections)
8. Los Lonely Boys, check out their debut album
9. The Postal Service, I'm sure you've heard "Such Great Heights"
10. KCRW 89.9 – Chocolate City with Garth Trinidad (Saturday, 6-9pm) and Morning Becomes Eclectic (M-F, 9 am-12 pm)

1. Sandra Cisneros’ novels, short story collections and poetry collections
2. Sherman Alexie’s Ten Little Indians (and so far, everything I’ve read by him is wonderful)
3. Julia Alvarez, anything she’s written, but especially In the Time of the Butterflies
4. José Antonio Burciaga (RIP), anything...
5. Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code
6. Nina Marie Martinez, Caramba: a Tale in Turns of the Card (the story is fantastic, but the book comes with so many extras, it's just great)

1. Whale Rider - brings tears to my eyes
2. Smoke Signals - see Sherman Alexie above
3. The Sandlot – "If you were thinking, you wouldn't have thought that!"
4. Clueless - despite the fact that Cher is a 16 year old rich white girl, I still identify with her
5. Finding Forrester - a film about a writer
6. High Fidelity - (book and film) "If you really wanted to mess me up, you should have gotten to me sooner!"
7. Love & Basketball - and I'm not even a basketball fan

1. LATV Live, channel 33 in LA
2. The George Lopez Show
3. Jeopardy!
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Comida y restaurantes
1. Nutty Coconut and Baseball Nut ice cream from Baskin Robbins
2. Oaxacan food, La Guelaguetza on National & Sepulveda (LA)
3. Coldstone’s Creamery
4. Mediterranean Café at Venice and Motor (LA)

En la red (on the 'net)
1. – interesting discussions on the boards as well as some nice websites for the Okay artists (the Roots, Common, etc)
2. Lonely for the traveler in all of us
3. Study Guides for the student
4. GRE Prep (FREE!) this was better than the books
5. articles and calendar
6. Beauticians for pretty templates
7. for the traveler on a budget

Comic Strips
1. The Boondocks
2. La Cucaracha and editorial cartoons by Lalo Alcaraz
3. Non Sequitur
4. Get Fuzzy
5. Candorville
6. Frazz
7. Doonesbury
8. For Better of for Worse

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