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Some of these fotos have been incorporated into entries, and some have yet to be used, and are just linked here, enjoy.

Entries featuring images in them:

In the south (Atlanta)
NYC pictures part one, two, and three. I think I miss it.
Sesenta en fotos - from my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in January.
Halloween through the years - pretty self explanatory, me in different costumes since age 5.
Graduations Recap - the pics in this one are linked to another site.
Graduation Pics I - a selection of fotos I took with mi familia after Raza Grad.
Graduation Pics II - more chessy grins with friends after Raza Grad.
Besos - Yo plants one on me after Raza Grad.
What a team - Yes, I know Yo and I are cute now, the question is, were we cuter as kids?
Discovery - I was proud of myself because I figured out how to make thumbnails, I just got lazy later. Just showing off Yo's work.
May Trip to SF - some more fotos by Yo after our trip to the Bay in May.
Five Senses - one more by Yo, she took it in SF back in November.

Images of me

"Model portrait" taken by Yo in the fall, she has one just like it.

In goop and in academic mode.

At the Wild Things center at the Sony Metreon in San Francisco.

Watch out ?uestlove! Tearing it up (or at least trying to) on Adrian’s drum set.

More recent... in Atlanta in May looking cute and weird.

We are family

The famous, beautiful, smart and very talented Yoyi; a pretty recent portrait taken by her friend Angie from her advanced photography class.

Pretty Yoyi, another picture with the plumeria behind the ear.

The little brother, Adrian (also by Yo).

Two beautiful sisters on September 8, 2001 before the world turned upside down and before Dom came into my life.

At the beach some time last August with my cousin Valerie. I love that kid, did I mention she’s the Piglet to my Pooh?

Nancy and myself on the swings at my former elementary school in the summer (also by Yo).

The crazy mophead cousin, René, in the red and Adrian en Navidad.

The parents and myself after the USAC installation ceremony in June.

Christmas Eve '01, Sammy and Lori. Sammy is my cousin Elizabeth's and her husband, John's, daughter. Isn't she a cutie?

In the Yay/Bay Area

Playing hide and seek and wondering where the Wild Things are.

At the BART station in Downtown SF. I bought the book I’m holding for my mom.

Dom about 20 years ago. I love this pic and wrote about it here.

The roomates and other friends

In our Halloween costumes on our way to a party. From left to right: Ome/Vampiress, Pato/Sally (from the Nightmare Before Christmas), Vane/Peter Pan, and me/Adelita.

After the Tigres del Norte concert with Nahui and Vane in November.

After installations with the best campaign manager I could ask for, Isa. We matched too!

Famous folks

Grrr… with los Tigres del Norte at the House of Blues in November. The girl in red on the left is my good friend, Nahui and the bald guy is José a classmate. All the men in suits are part of the famous Mexican band.

I got the chance to meet one of my favorite cartoonists, Aaron McGruder, creator of the Boondocks a few years ago when he spoke on campus.

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