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06.10.04 // 11:17 p.m.

I will call him Juan since confidentiality is important and all. I've written about him before. Back then it was surprise to see how much he had changed since the fall of 2002.

I'm not surprised anymore. I'm just proud. I'm honored to even have a role in his growth.

I think this was the perfect way to end my counseling relationship with him. He brought me a new copy of The Da Vinci Code and a card with a funny and touching message.

In some ways, it baffles me that I can have that effect on any person. You mean I am the reason you're still here in this school? I helped you out that much?

I guess we are doing something right. The program works. All I had to do was care, question, talk to him, and share my experiences.

I don't think I can really put in to words how great it was to meet with Juan today and read his card. I feel like the past two years haven't been in vain. I'm not as successful as I wanted to be, and this year has been tough, but Juan (and other students like him who work with the other counselors) make it that much better.

Thank you, Juan. It was my pleasure to work with you. Really.

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