The boys.

Dominic/the Redhead: the one I'm getting over. He's a student and manager at an entertainment center in San Francisco. He has red hair, loves hip hop and bread. He used to have his own page.

Ralph: pseudo-roomie. Ome’s boyfriend of almost 4 years. He has longer hair than most girls. He did his undergrad and grad work at UCLA and is now an advisor at the center where I work for student groups.

The Turtle: first boyfriend who I now get along with, but that wasn’t always the case. Met him during FSP too. He’s a pre-med student whose other major (almost everyone of my best friends at school has a Chicana/o Studies major or minor) is physiological science. The Turtle nickname comes from our pre-dating days.

Eligio: third year from Santa Ana though you would never know he was from Orange County ‘cause he’s really cool. Idolizes Mighty Mouse and Che Guevara.

Arshad: met him through coalition work a few years ago. I got a mini-crush on him ‘cause he’s got the coolest shoes I’ve ever seen, plus he’s very smart. He works at the center I do as a director for one of the outreach programs.

Will: he claims Chicago is the greatest city in the world and wants to prove it to me. Great to talk to about anything from breakups to boys in Che shirts.

Lamont: Lives a few miles away from me. Has nice eyes and crazy curly hair. The first Okayplayer I actually met. He took care of me in NYC when I needed it.

Chris: Lamont’s younger brother. Recent Cal Poly Pomona grad in computer science. Has a very cute baby sister and hosts good parties too.

Tim: Duquesne U. grad, genius and basketball fanatic. Writes some very nice poems too. Hosts Sopranos Sundays.

Victor: okp The Fifth. He’s from the bay area, future teacher, and a poet. He’s gonna teach me how to drive stick shift too.

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