Two down
03.19.02 // 4:38 p.m.

I usually don’t finish finals until the end of the week. I always get stuck with some exam at 8 in the morning on Friday. I get jealous of all my peers who finish early, as in Monday or Tuesday. They get to spend the rest of the week doing whatever they want whether its starting early on a vacation or just chilling.

This quarter I’m one of those people, well almost. I turned in my Sociology of Gender final in yesterday (and on time too!). I just wrote for three hours on Chilean film and literature for my Spanish class. Now all I have to do is write a paper about my experience at CABE which will be pretty easy since I’ve already done most of the background work.

I won’t be done until I get that in, and knowing how I usually work, that would be Friday. My professor didn’t ask me for it by a certain day. I just saw him and he didn’t even mention it. So, in order to motivate myself to work quicker than my usual pace I made a restriction and set up a few very tempting rewards when that 8-10 page paper is in.

As of Saturday I cut off all communication with Dom. If I want to talk to him I got to do my work. Dom has become my “positive motivating force” (© Aaliyah, “At Your Best”). It might be unfair to him, but he understands.

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