03.20.02 // 4:51 p.m.

My plan to get my paper in by Thursday afternoon was foiled by an unexpected illness. I don’t know what the hell it was that I ate, but it really got to me yesterday evening.

I left campus a little past 6 with Pato. By that point I was already feeling really queasy but okay to drive. As soon as I got in to my apartment I hopped into bed.

My sleep was disrupted around 9:30 when I had to rush to the bathroom to vomit. Yuck. I hate doing that; it hurts my throat so much. As I sat on the floor by the toilet I thought about bulimics. Do you really want to be thin that much that you would go through this pain? I shouldn’t talk though ‘cause I have my own issues with food and eating.

Vane, Pato and Ome were the best. Vane cleaned up after me ‘cause I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom on time, and Ome made me some tea.

I slept a lot, and now I feel sore, kind of achy. In the morning I didn’t even want to shower because I was afraid I’d get dizzy standing up. I was right, I had to sit down in the tub because I couldn’t handle standing up.

I called my dad and he told me that he, Danny and Lori all feel the same. Maybe it was something I ate there combined with the lack of sleep on Sunday and Monday nights. Finals are hazardous to your health.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten anything, since yesterday morning around 10. I’m too scared to eat, and up until now I wasn’t even hungry. I hate being sick. I don’t like being queasy and achy since it makes it that much more difficult to concentrate on writing my paper.

I want my mom to take care of me like she would do when I was a kid. She’d make me tea and soup then bring it to me in bed. She’d lay a wet towel on my head while I watched Big Bird on Sesame Street present the letter and number of the day. I should have done that today… damn work and finals.

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