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02.14.03 // 6:41 p.m.

I guess it was a sign that I should post the pictures I took while en Nueva York. Some guy at the karaoke bar sang Billy Joel's New York State of Mind.

Alright, here they are. Just remember, I'd much rather be in front of the camera, than behind it. My sister is the one with the photography skills in the family, not me.

Washington Square Park (I think.) Some of the snow from the Christmas snowfall just a few days before is still there.

Some of the gang in their "bubble jackets" outside the NYU buildings.

Um, I think this was the Chrysler Building. We were waiting outside Grand Central Station for a few people to meet up with us.

The angel at Rockefeller Center. Now, just to let you know, there were only one or two days where we really did the standard touristy bit.

More Rockefeller Christmas family wholesome time. No, we didn't skate at the rink. The line was hella long and we weren't that patient.

Chris' head getting in the way of my shot of the famous Radio City Music Hall.

Who was playing that night, you ask? Well, look and see.

Christmas trees!

I think is my favorite of all the pics. We all look so nice and so happy. We had yet to drive each other nuts. The gang, that would be (left to right) Cherisse, Tim, Lou, Lamont, Me (I was the small fry of the crew), Dwine (my gracious host), Jamila, Dom, and Chris. These were the folks I saw for a week straight, no wonder I needed a little time to recover. Here's a very similar shot without Dom making a face and Tim closing his eyes.

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