Nine to one
03.03.02 // 6:15 p.m.

So there I was on the dance floor of the Vertigo’s nightclub in Downtown LA with 5 guys surrounding me. Lamont, the birthday boy stood to my left. Directly in front of me Chris, Lamont’s brother, moved to the beat. Kirk and Kenneth danced next to the brothers and Jahbryll completed the half circle.

I must have seemed like a pretty popular girl that evening with 2,3, 4 and even 5 dance partners. So, how did this happen, you ask? How did I end up in a group of 10 as the only person with ovaries?

I don’t quite know. The outing was in honor of Lamont’s 23rd birthday. Earlier in the day Chris asked if I had plans that night. The only other idea I had was to watch Yellow Submarine on campus. I was supposed to go with Eligio and Irvin, but we didn’t get there in time. They begged me to go see the new Aaliyah movie, Queen of the Damned with them, but I wouldn’t give in.

A little past 10 pm I got a call from Lamont. He told me where they were going to be meeting up near a club Downtown. I rushed to get ready and changed into black pants, a black tank and my tan duster sweater. I guess I looked cute.

I ran back out to my car and rushed to meet the guys. I felt like I was going to CABE because I took the same exit past the Staples Center. I finally met up with them after making a few turns and a call to see where they were.

Waiting outside of their cars were Scott, Jahbryll, Omar, Chris and Lamont. We left and headed over to another spot. By the time we got there, Tim and Johnny had joined the growing caravan. Now, it was 7 to 1. I still felt cool. Outside of Vertigo’s we waited for two other guys to meet up and came up with a strategy to get in two of the guys who were under 21. Kirk and Kenneth finally joined us and we entered.

I wonder how it must have looked. There I was with 9 guys. I wasn’t latched on to one, like if I was his girlfriend. Instead, I was just doing my own thing, dancing to “Billie Jean” with Chris and sipping on my Amaretto Sour that Tim recommended.

If I wasn’t out on the dance floor, the guys sat around on the plush red couches complaining about the male to female ration in the club. I ended up dancing more than I usually do, because I felt that if I left the dance floor then the guys wouldn’t dance.

Around 2, the club closed down and 15 minutes later we headed over to Denny’s. Scott left and the ratio became 8:1. Lamont thought he was funny when he would say “Lady first.”

I got a little lost getting back to the freeway, but it was no big deal. I made it home around 4:30 and slept until noon on Saturday. All in all, I had an amazing time with the guys, though I’m not exactly sure I’d want to repeat it.

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