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03.15.05 // 1:21 p.m.

I probably won't be writing too much here in the next couple of days because academic papers on higher education finance, student aid, article reviews, and multilivariate regression analyses will be taking up more of my attention.

Thus far, I am done with one course. Last Thursday, I turned in the final paper. It was was basically an update on the statement of purpose and research interests I submitted when I applied to the program. It's interesting to realize that after just two quarters in my program my research interests have slightly changed. They've become more narrow, which makes sense because I initially was speaking in very broad terms. It shouldn't come as a surprise either that after two quarters in the program I'm a bit more lost on what I would like to do career wise when I finish the program.

One class down, three to go. I'm so ready to finish this quarter.

P.S. I got my first A of the winter quarter. Smile.

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