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The thing about having a secret blog and a not-so-secret blog that I've been writing in for years is that sometimes I get lazy (like when finals are right around the corner). So, rather than think of something new, I can just re-post something I've written before. Based on my last entry on Mexican men, I thought I'd confuse my readers. This one makes me smile because a few months after I wrote this, I lived out the fantasy.

Originally written May 7, 2004:

It's really a shame that i have a de facto (or is it de jure?) rule about not dating Mexican men, or men of Mexican origin.

I rarely listen to radio stations that are not KCRW and KPFK (I only check AM stations for sports and traffic updates). I'm not into the whole Clear Channel taking over the air waves thing and I generally don't like most of the music played on the radio. Anyway, I checked one of about four Mexican radio stations I have programmed on my car radio. Two of the stations are are pop y rock, and the other two are mainly norteñas, banda, rancheras y corridos.

So, I'm listening to la Que Buena and one of mis preferidas, "Te Quiero Mucho" por los Rieleros del Norte, comes on.

At the moment, I fantasized about being up close with a Mexican alpha-male type. You know, Tejana blanca, botas de avestrúz, cinturón with a huge ass belt buckle, Wranglers, and a crisp button-down collared shirt. Oh, and the guy? Well it doesn't matter if he's guerito or morenito, or if he has colored eyes or plain brown eyes. Facial hair doesn't matter, but short hair is a must (at least in this fantasy). Oh yeah, he has to be at least taller than me and not super skinny.

So, I'm all up close with this sexy Mexicano, and he knows how to dance. I mean, he's pulled me real tight so that it's almost quebradita style and he's spinning me and my short hair is flying around and around. It doesn't matter if I get dizzy, as long as he holds me.

Sigh... so yeah. That was my fantasy as I traveled east on the 60 freeway in 10 mph traffic. This is a real good reason to go to México. and an even better reason to lift the ban on the Mexicanos.

Oh yes, in my fantasy, he had a shiny new Dodge pick up truck.

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