problematic piñatas
04.05.05 // 11:12 p.m.

I can say this because I'm Mexican...

I have a problem with piñatas at birthday parties.

I realized this as I was looking through the pictures (click to view as a slideshow) I took at my nephew's first birthday party on Saturday. My cousin, Tony, and his wife, Ingrid, had Elmo decorations up all over the house. I assume that Anthony, the baby, has an affinity for Elmo.

Anthony vs. la Piñata

So, what do they do? They buy two Elmo piñatas. And then what happens? They fill the piñata with candy, line kids up, give one a stick and blindfold her, and then let her loose against the image of Elmo.

Valerie battles the white piñata

Anthony barely noticed that the guests at his party were beating the crap out of his beloved Elmo. I'm sure if he would have been paying attention instead of having his diaper changed he would have been horrified.

Like a vulture

Mexicans are weird.

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