Camera, pen & notebook
06.11.02 // 2:40 a.m.

At Yo’s art show I got the idea of what a great team we make. She armed with her camera and I with my notebook and pen could take over the world. We could write books about Chicanas living in the suburbs. It would be a children’s book with photos. I’d write the story and Yo would photograph it, or it could be in the opposite order. Based on her photos I could be inspired to write something.

We compliment each other exceptionally well. Sometimes we’re both super silly. We dance around to Juan Luis Guerra’s “Guavaberry” from the Mi Familia soundtrack for a full 4 minutes and 20 seconds. We pirouette on the tile and wave our arms wildly while Guerra sings “good morning, good morning, good morning my guavaberry.”

Then we calm down and sing along to the oldies – a staple to any Chicanas music collection – on the cd. “Aaaangel babyyy, my angel baby. Ooo-oooh I love you,” we croon in the highest voice we can find inside us.

Sometimes Yo is very considerate and sweet and I’m a punk. Other times the roles are reversed and I’m the nice sister/daughter. She’ll remind me to be nice to Dom when I’m feeling a little frustrated with him and I’ll tell her to be patient with my parents who really don’t understand her all the time.

Yo was so happy that I could make it out to the show on Saturday night. I could’ve been working on my final papers (which I should be writing right now), but instead I really wanted to be there with her. Her teacher took a picture of Danny and us together. I hope it comes out cute.

I think about what it means sometimes that I call Lori “Yo” which is short for Yoyi. The nickname is what our cousin, Valerie used to call her because it was tough for her to pronounce the L and R. Instead of being called Cindy, Val called me C-ny. So, we eventually became C and Yo, shortening our nicknames even more.

In Spanish Yo means I which is pretty fitting when you think about it. Yo is part of me as she has been since before either of was even created.

My mom used to dress us up as twins when we were younger. Mamá Toní would make us matching dresses and sometimes she got my hand-me-downs. Later on, as we got older the adults would often switch up our names referring to me as Lori and vice versa.

I think we’re a force to be reckoned with. Yo and I will take over the world with our camera, pen and notebook. Watch out!

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