mamma mia!
06.13.04 // 12:34 a.m.

My sister owes me about 3 hours of my life back.

Because I’m a nice sister, I agreed to go see “Mamma Mia!” with her and her friend, Josh, if a third friend couldn’t go at the last minute. Guess what? Third Friend had something to do and was unable to go.

I didn’t know what to expect from the musical. I just knew one thing about the storyline (a girl with three possible fathers is getting married) and that the music was by those guys, Bjorn and Benny, from Abba.

Now, I’m lucky that my parents are Mexican and in the 1980s I was shielded from all that wack ass music because they preferred la Sonora Dinamita, los Bukis, Chente, y Juan Gabriel. But as a result of that, I don’t know much about Abba or their music. All I know is the “Dancing Queen” song and they’re from Sweden.

Okay… so the storyline of the play was weak. The songs were by Abba. The first half wasn’t so bad. But I felt like I was missing some knowledge of the songs. All the white people around me seemed to be enjoying the musical so much more. They were bobbing their heads in their seats and singing along.

Oh well... after intermission I was bored. The songs didn’t seem to enhance the musical, but dragged it on instead. I kept thinking, ‘which guy is her dad?!’ See, I actually like musicals, but the music needs to add something to the plot and development of the characters. Also, the music needs to be catchy and memorable (think Phantom or Cats). The songs seemed oddly placed in the musical. Some seemed to just be included because they were pop hits and would be audience favorites.

I hope I didn’t offend any Abba fans out there. I just wasn’t feeling the musical.

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