07.14.02 // 4:33 p.m.

I got this from here. Sorry, I'm having a little trouble writing about the weekend in Pismo Beach and our adventures. Just so you have something to look forward to tomorrow, you'll get to read all about how we had to sleep in cars Friday night in a Denny's parking lot somewhere South of Pismo Beach.

10 bands you've seen live:

01. Café Tacvba

02. Enanitos Verdes

03. Aterciopelados

04. The Roots

05. Maná

06. Ozomatli

07. Santana

08. Jaguares

09. Maldita Vecindad

10. Los Tigres del Norte

(gee which do you think sticks out?)

09 things you're looking forward to:

01. my parents 25th wedding anniversary party

02. my paycheck on the first

03. going to Palm Springs with the family

04. seeing Vane today

05. more sessions with students

06. telling people what I really think

07. getting a new car (buh bye Computer Blue)

08. going to México, a vacation

09. seeing Dominic again, in LA this time (I do love SF though)

08 thinks you wear everyday:

01. chapstick

02. deodorant

03. some pleasant smelling lotion

04. comfy shoes

05. panties and a bra

06. a smile

07. messy hair

08. a beaded bracelet, or the one Yo made me

07 things that annoy you:

01. loud people

02. Ernie's huge ass fan

03. the fan in the bathroom

04. apathetic students

05. the word "irregardless"

06. redundancy

07. people who don't call when they say they will

06 things you touch daily:

01. my Gelly Roll pens

02. my cell phone

03. Computer Blue (my car)

04. a book

05. my CD player

06. my hair

05 things you do everyday:

01. write

02. check email (if I have access to a computer)

03. drive somewhere

04. complain, whine

05. think about the redhead

04 people who you spend the most time with:

01. Ome, Pato (the roomies)

02. Yo, Chunk (the younger siblings)

03. Eligio

04. Chispa

03 movies you could watch again and again:

01. Mi Familia

02. The Sandlot

03. Smoke Signals

02 favorite songs of the moment:

01. Raphael Saadiq, feat. D'Angelo - "Be Here"

02. Los Lobos - "Sabor A Mi"

01 person you could spend the rest of your life with:

01. Yo

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