Final good & welfare
05.28.02 // 9:38 p.m.

It must have been one of the quickest council meetings I’ve ever been to, but it was the final one and that should be all that matters. I feel like I did when I finished up my second year on the Mesa. What the hell am I supposed to do with my Tuesday evenings now? Study perhaps?

At the end of each council meeting we have “good and welfare,” a chance to comment on the meeting off the record and say pretty much whatever you want to say. Sometimes people vent about the horrible coverage we get in the Bruin or congratulate other council member’s about their successes. It’s nothing like MEChA’s Talking Circle, nowhere near as personal or spiritual, but its still okay.

The best one’s are when Berky, one of the administrative representatives offers some eloquent words of wisdom. He maintains that people from California never move out of the state, so whatever happens we’re going to run into each other again, whether we want to or not.

Although I didn’t recommend that my friends run for USAC, I did support them wholeheartedly. I don’t regret my decision at all, it was a great learning experience. Some of those people on council are going to go on and change the world or at least some aspect of it (education, law, etc.) Sigh… I’m going to miss some of them.

No more…

Strategizing and planning with SE! folks.

Listening to Theo talk about the Lakers and BruinGo!.

Watching Karren run the meeting with expertise as the chair.

Sharing whatever snacks I have with TJ.

Passing notes to Sunny about everything from Dom to Chicana/o Studies professors.

Sitting next to Aaruni and hoping he doesn’t know what’s going on in my head.

Organizing around Diversity Requirement things with Bryant.

Missing Kim and welcoming Liz into council.

Congratulating Kennisha about the latest law school acceptance.

Laughing at Peter’s sometimes outrageous stories.

Discussing the joys of Amoeba Records with Ryan.

Wondering why Rahul doesn’t show up for the meetings.

Cringing when Kennisha and Bryant insist that I have a thing for Jeremy… ewww!

Rolling my eyes whenever David says something.

Straining to hear what Lyle was saying.

Looking forward to words of wisdom from Berky.

Checking my mailbox and finding the agenda packets with the bright yellow cover sheet.

Dodging Pat’s questions about some unimportant thing or another.

Submitting requisitions and budget transfer forms to Student Government Accounting.

And finally… no more caring what the hell the Bruin says ‘cause I am no longer an elected officer and I don’t have to represent the viewpoints of 24,000 students, 75% of who could care less.

It’s been _____ hmmm, I can’t really find a word. I guess I’ll just say “it’s been real” and leave it at that.

Addendum: not only am I done with council, but I’m also on my way out as a Student Departmental Senate representative. That was two years. I doubt I’ll miss the faculty meetings and trying hard to be cordial with professors I don’t care too much for.

Also, Nick O. is in town! I really missed that guy and thought of him whenever I was in SF with Dom. I’d see the bus on Mission with the sign saying Daly City and think of Nick O. since that is his hometown. He used to go to UCLA for a few years, but had to leave due to family stuff. I still don’t think he’s ever realized just how good looking he is. I’m going to have to visit lots of folks in the Bay this summer: Dom, Vane, Nahui, Ingrid, and Nick O. (at least).

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