My “boyfriend”
05.29.02 // 5:52 p.m.

I don’t know where these people get their ideas, but for some strange reason, they think Eligio is my boyfriend? Now, Eligio is one of my best friends, we spend a lot of time together and we live close by. I often pick him up on the way to school or give him a ride home.

I’m a naturally affectionate person. I give hugs to all my friends, guys and girls. So, giving a hug to Eligio is really no big deal. I just don’t understand.

It’s not an isolated incident either. The latest person to assume this was Adrian, the guy Chispa is seeing. I think he told her that he had seen my boyfriend and Chispa was confused. She still hasn’t met Dom (yes, I know he’s not “technically” my boyfriend) and she won’t quit reminding me about it. Of course she hears about him enough and has seen pictures, but meeting someone in person is much different.

Eligio and I tried to figure out why Adrian would even think this. Then we remembered the Chávez Spirit Award Dinner. Chispa and Adrian sat at the same table Eligio and I did. So, I guess he thought Eligio was my date.

Vane and Ome thought the same thing earlier in the school year too. Eligio would come over often and we’d chill or get something to eat. At one point, Vane asked him if there was something she should know about us two. I think Ome followed with a similar remark the next day.

The craziest remark was told to Eligio. Someone thought there was a love triangle between me, Eligio and Irvin. Comedy! Damn, I should know better, Mechistas are chismosos.

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