how you feel about that?

Let me know how that Escandón book is. I was going to buy it, but decided to go with the David Sedaris book I've been wanting for almost a year now.
[2005-06-03 11:28:28]

I really enjoyed Woodcuts of Women. Its a quick read.
[2005-06-03 12:01:55]

The Noon
You'll be glad you withstood the graduation ceremony tedium -- years later, you'll be able to remember highlights. I've missed some milestones in my past (senior prom - my boyfriend then was grounded, family tedious occasions w. loved ones that have passed away, for example) which I wish I had some memoris of - as a reward for yourself for doing something you didn't want to do @ first, plan a nice party w. your friends. Aside from that, I wonder why you experience so many moods... do you know why?
[2005-06-03 16:13:15]

Gilb's "Woodcuts of Women" is an awesome book. It's not as great at his first collection of short stories "The Magic of Blood" but It's great! Oh, Cindy, and if you dig Gilb's stuff, you should read his non-fiction book, "Gritos!" It was nominated for a National Book Award Prize. Gilb, he's my hero, the reason why I write. Oh, and he's definately a character in real life. Enjoy. take care of that wrist, asap!
[2005-06-04 11:37:52]

EMC, I think you'll be glad to know why I bought the book. I was with my friend P at the campus bookstore and he was looking around at the clearance sale book table. I picked up "Woodcuts of Women" because the cover work caught my eye and when I saw the author listed and remembered how Gilb is your literary hero (and I know you have good taste), I bought it. Oh yeah, it was on sale too.

Noon, I don't know why I go through so many moods. I'm just strange.
[2005-06-04 19:03:19]

It was the same thing when my dad shaved off his moustache less than a year ago. Took me months to get used to it.
[2005-06-16 00:09:51]

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