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05.06.02 // 11:26 p.m.

I’ll have to get to the recap of the weekend later because I just realized that I have a midterm at 11 am for my Chicano Narrative class. I really should check out the syllabus for my classes more often. I think I’m going to try and find someone in the class to see if we’re still having the exam tomorrow.

Some very good news, AJ was terminated as a columnist for the Bruin due to his hateful comments and actions on Thursday night. The following is proof…

Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 12:21:30 -0700

From: Viewpoint

To: Bilal

Subject: RE: Letter to the editor

Dear Bilal,

Contrary to your claim that Mr. Jones' acts went unnoticed, Mr. Jones was terminated as a columnist as a result of the actions you described.

Viewpoint Editor

-----Original Message-----

From: Bilal

Sent: Mon 5/6/2002 12:00 AM

To: Viewpoint Editor

Subject: Letter to the editor

It has been disappointing to read the one sided coverage of student elections by the Daily Bruin, but the overly biased coverage of last Thursday's election results marks a new low point for the Bruin.

Effectively reporting news objectively implies covering both sides of a news story. The Bruin spent considerable time dramatizing Student Empowerment's presence and reactions during election results but failed to mention anything about the demeanor and actions of SURE supporters, particularly those of Andy Jones, a Daily Bruin viewpoint columnist and large supporter of the SURE slate.

As Student Empowerment! supporters performed cultural dances and collectively chanted unity slogans along Kerckhoff's steps, Jones took it upon himself to incite the crowd with petty heckling. When his verbal chiding went unnoticed, Jones and a fellow SURE supporter removed one of the large SURE signboards from Bruin Walk and marched it to the top of Kerckhoff's steps blocking the path up to Kerckhoff, purposely taunting Student Empowerment! supporters. Police officers then proceeded to urge Jones to move the signboard, but Jones refused. As Student Empowerment! members continued to peacefully celebrate their unity, Jones yelled "Hate me everyone, because I hate all of you!"

Is this SURE's definition of being inclusive to all students? These "unifying" actions continued as election results were announced. The Bruin spent several paragraphs mentioning the call and response chants of supporters, headed by Bryant Tan shouting "Student!" and the crowd responding with "Empowerment!" But why is it that Jones and other SURE supporters response of "Excrement!" to each of Bryant's chants were not mentioned? A crowd of over one hundred supporters felt it was important, but apparently the Bruin's reporters failed to notice.

If SURE really claims to be working for all student's then their actions must exemplify this claim. Hateful and disrespectful shouts and taunts serve only to burn bridges and Jones's attempts to purposely incite a crowd clearly illustrates SURE's attitude toward students of color. Student Empowerment! supporters should commend themselves for not participating in such a debasing manner and for leaving the mud slinging to those who need to stoop to that level. The Bruin has a responsibility to report news fairly and objectively. Hopefully they will take this responsibility more seriously in the future.

Signed, Bilal

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