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09.30.04 // 12:00 p.m.

The first day of classes feels a little weird when I don't even have a class until next Tuesday. I don't mind. I'm still in denial over the fact that my summer is officially over, I can't be a bum any more, and soon I'll have to start reading hundreds of pages a week and working 20 hours as a research assistant.

The bad attitude about school is all a ruse. The truth is I'm really excited about starting this program, my classes, and the research I'll be helping out with. It's a bit overwhelming, but I think the past two years as well as a restful summer have prepared me to take on this new role.

I've already had the opportunity to meet almost all the other students in my cohort. There are 10 of us -- nine women and one man. We all seem to have similar research interests which makes sense when you realize that we were probably attracted by the same faculty members.

I'm ready for this. I think.

In non-grad school news:

That's it.

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