03.21.02 // 8:53 p.m.

I’m blessed to have such wonderful roommates. I’ve been living with them for the past year and half and it’s been great 99% of the time. The 1% it’s been weird was when we were figuring out how we would deal with 4 cars and only two parking spots and when Ralph, Ome’s boyfriend, would leave the toilet seat up. Other than that, it’s been great.

When I got sick Ome made tea, Vane cleaned up and yesterday Pato gave me a cute card and adorable stuffed fairy-duck. They were all just as stressed as I was with finals, but they went out of their way to help the “sickly one” (as Pato renamed me).

There are times when we barely see each other. I might get home and Pato is asleep, when I wake up she’s gone. If Vane and I weren’t doing the internship together at CABE we would have seen each other much less. On the other hand, I see Ome much more because we both get home late and leave later in the morning.

I look at some of the people I know who’ve had bad roommate relationships and feel really sorry for them. If my life was like that I’d probably try and move back home and deal with the awful commute. It’s cool though, we all understand that we’re super busy people. Each one of us is in some leadership position or another, so we all know when to be supportive or when to just avoid each other. The apartment is a nice place to just chill and unwind from long days filled with meetings, classes, work y más.

By June Ome, Vane and I will be graduating. Neither one of us is absolutely sure where we’ll be come fall or even July. Vane just got into Stanford for the teacher education program, and I have my interview for TFA coming up. In about a month my future might be a little more certain.

I’ve known them all since I started school with the freshman summer program in August of ’98. Vane lived two doors down. Pato lived on the other side of the hall and Ome was in my English and Political Science discussion (we were the “smart kids”). For the academic year I was stuck with two random roommates, Monica and Angela in a room originally intended for two people. The next year Ome and I shared a room with a great view of the campus. Ah, the memories of 676 Hedrick. Pato and Chispa were our next-door neighbors. Right before the start of our third year, Pato, Ome, Vane and I moved into the old “Compa house” in which Vane’s boyfriend and three other guys we know used to live.

I’ve been pretty lucky. I got some strong Chicanas around me who will change the world some day and liberate Aztlán. Wait, they are already working to do that, just on a smaller level. They rock. I love them and I’m getting a little nostalgic just thinking that this might not last much longer.

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