Patience is a virtue
03.15.02 // 6:35 p.m.

I must not be a very virtuous person because I am bursting with imaptience. I want the quarter to end. I want spring break to come.

I want to see Dom, but not in those glossy pictures of us acting like 5 year old Wild Things. I want to smell him, that mix of his cologne that I caught a drift of when I wore my brother’s shirt. I want to hear him, but not over the staticy connection of my cell phone. I want to feel him next to me, trying to pull me as close as possible to him. I want to taste him in a long 4-type kiss, the kind that is inappropriate in public. The kind he asked for when he wanted to have some more of my Mexican Chocolate ice cream from Mitchell’s.

I want Dom. I don’ think I can wait 7 days. I will think of him for 168 hours, minus the time I will spend studying. He will travel roughly 380 miles for 5 hours or so. He will spend more than $30 on gas money. He will bring a few friends.

He will be here. Qui Dom? ¿Aquí está Dom? Here is Dom?

I have not seen him since the 21st of January as we said a hasty goodbye at the Oakland airport. I was nervous because I thought Lori and I might miss our flight. I was unusually quiet and uttered a few monosyllabic responses.

Prior to leaving his house we started the sketchy talk about “us” and where we were going, if anywhere. I left feeling that maybe we weren’t on the same page.

Our departure consisted of a small hug and the type of kiss (a 1) that is usually accepted in public. A peck, and then we were off with our luggage and didn’t turn around.

Dom isn’t the only thing I have to look forward to. I have a late paper for sociology of gender and my final research paper to finish up before Monday. This is the last sociology class of my undergraduate career, disappointingly anti-climactic. On Tuesday I have an exam for my Spanish class on Chilean film and literature. Then I just need to turn in a final paper for my internship course with CABE.

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