the mind is quicker than the fingers
10.28.03 // 4:23 p.m.

I promise I'll write something substantial. There is a lot floating around in my head that I don't even know if I can type it all out as fast as I can think of it. Hmmm... it has to do with graduate school, rolling green hills, my roommate who sounds hella sad and depressed when I speak to her, the old roomie (Vane) visiting from Oakland, and the upcoming trip. Whew... I'll leave y'all with this for now.

Wait! How do you like the new look? Do the devils scare ya? Is the heart a little too graphic? Recognize the lotería cards?

Week 37 Unconscious Mutterings (I fell behind.)

You say... and I think...

  1. Country:: bumpkin
  2. G:: money
  3. Offer:: deal
  4. Connection:: cell phone
  5. Quest:: love (as in Questlove, the drummer from the Roots)
  6. Lighthouse:: SEA CLEAR (a program here)
  7. Sycamore:: trees
  8. Inhumane:: PETA
  9. Sneer:: facial expression
  10. Weapon:: gun

And now, I'm caught up... Week 38

  1. Roadtrip:: Portland, Seattle and Vancouver
  2. Honey:: Winnie the Pooh
  3. Flanders:: Ned
  4. Vampire:: bite
  5. Justice:: league
  6. Marine:: layer
  7. Protractor:: geometry
  8. Rubber:: condom
  9. London:: fog
  10. Jerry:: the fiscal officer here

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