learning curves
10.08.04 // 2:51 p.m.

Hey, you want to know something? Graduate school is hard. Well, it’s not really the reading and the classes. So far, that has been okay. I only have class two days a week, but each of the three classes lasts 4 hours each. I don’t know if I can really handle sitting in class that long, but I know my professors – at least 2 out of 3 of them – are trying their best to ensure that they use the time wisely.

So, classes aren’t too tough. The tough thing is work. It’s not even the hours, but the type of work. I feel like I’m hearing them speak in another language, but I know it’s English. I work at a research institute that conducts large-scale longitudinal surveys of college student and professor attitudes at hundreds of American surveys. As a “research analyst” I’m expected to help come up with the questions to these surveys and then do the statistical analyses of the data.

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of statistics, but I’m rusty. I’m enrolled in a statistics class right now, but we’re learning to use a different program than the one used at work. I won’t use the other program until next quarter, in a more advanced stats class.

Right now, I’m supposed to be working on a proposal for a conference. My advisor (director of the center) just informed me of this yesterday. What the hell do I know about proposals? Damn… this is a hella steep learning curve.

The good thing about working at the research center is that there are a handful of older, more experienced graduate students who are more than willing to help me out. Also, I don’t have to work on that proposal by myself.

Still… I feel a bit overwhelmed. I can do this…

In other news, I felt absolutely giddy Tuesday night as I watched the Minnesota Twins beat the New York Yankees in game one of the AL division series.

[On an unrelated note, I felt sick to my stomach as I watched both the Tuesday and Thursday games in which the St. Louis Cardinals deflated all the hopes and dreams of the Dodgers and their loyal fans. Game 3 will be good. It better be.]

I’m no Twins fan, but I really want to see them go far. It’s all because of their extremely talented and handsome ace, Johan Santana. I think I have a fetish for Venezuelan baseball players. I added him to my list along with Cesar Izturis, Dodger shortstop, and Ugueth Urbina, Detroit Tigers closer.

Wouldn’t you want to see more of this man? Damn…

Pitching another strike.

He better win the Cy Young Award.

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