needy girls don't wanna study
11.09.04 // 10:31 p.m.

I don't like graduate school. I take all that stuff back about missing school and looking forward to learning and research. I lied.

Right now, I want to put off writing this paper some more. Ome is here right now, if she wasn't here, I wouldn't be here either. I would be at my study date's place. And yes, I would be studying. I'd be working on this paper on the changing purpose of American higher education, drinking hot cocoa with mint and eating cookies.

Ugh... you know what bugs me most? I really want ( need?) attention from men. I thought I was past this, but I'm not obviously. I hate feeling needy. I'm supposed to be a liberated Chicana... wait who said that liberated Chicanas aren't supposed to need or want companionship from a male (or female)?

Ugh. I'm a nut case right now. Sorry you had to read this.

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