i miss solid food
05.22.04 // 3:00 p.m.

I got teeth #17 and #32 extracted yesterday by the handsome oral surgeon.

I don't remember much after the nurse gave me oxygen and laughing gas to relax me. The surgeon asked a question about my medical history questionnaire and diabetes and heart disease in my family. It sounded so far away, and I could barely answer. I followed instructions to make a fist, felt the pinch of the needle in my arm, and was asleep during the difficult part.

When I came to, I had gauze in my mouth, felt groggy and followed the nurse's instructions to stand, lock my knees and get in the chair. I was concious enough to reject the $40 prescription fee at the pharmacy downstairs. I made Adrian take me to Kaiser a few miles away, and I didn't pay anything.

I went home and slept a lot. I didn't eat anything until today, which is a good thing because I was starting to feel weak and dizzy if I tried to stand or even sit up.

I'm better now. Applesauce and a little sopita de estrella (just the caldo, mind you) helped out.


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