... and the plot thickens
03.17.04 // 4:47 p.m.

On Monday, I received an email welcoming me to Harvard’s Higher Education master’s program. I was excited, and geeked. Who wouldn’t be? Even if I decide not to go there, I can still say I was admitted to Harvard, the best university in the nation.

That evening, I went home to find a non-descript manila envelope on my kitchen table along with some credit card offers and bills for my roommates. It wasn’t a large envelope, but it was bigger than a regular business envelope and the return address was the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies here at UCLA.

“What do you think this is, R?” I asked Ome’s boyfriend who was sitting at the kitchen table working on his master’s thesis.

I opened the envelope, took out a single letter on GSEIS letterhead and read the first paragraph.

Little tears trickled down my cheek after I read the first few sentences. I couldn’t finish the letter just then and made R read the rest.

I wanted him to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming once again. He confirmed it with a R-size bear hug and congratulations.

I was admitted to UCLA’s doctoral program in Education in the Higher Education and Organizational Change. Prof S., a woman whose work I highly admire, was assigned to be my advisor.

I paced around the apartment for a minute half-listening to R’s chatter and later called my house to give them the latest news.

I’m still walking on air today and tons of thoughts are swirling around in my head. I doubted I would be admitted to the doctoral program here simply because of the nature of the program and the competitiveness of the application process. I assumed I’d be rejected and then I could go do a master’s program at a school out of state. I’d earn my MA and return in a year or two to enter into the PhD program at UCLA.

I though the application process was the most difficult and stressful part of all of this… but I am so wrong. Still, I am very thankful for this opportunity. I’d rather have the options of UCLA, Harvard, Teachers College (Columbia), and Michigan [probably Claremont as well] than nothing at all.

Wouldn’t you like to be in my Pumas?

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