the little things
10.13.02 // 11:42 p.m.

It's the little things that keep getting to me. I think if it wasn't for the wine at the wedding last night I would have been miserable. I kept thinking of how much fun it would be with Dom there. To dance with him and to listen to his critiques of the deejay because he never had anything good to say about any deejay when we were together. And when the mariachi played "El son de la Negra" I imagined dancing for him again like I did on the tiny deserted stage near Pier 39 where I pretended I was still a foklórico dancer. Its tough to dance without the music though. I think about that first night quite often. It was after that night when I started to really fall for him, and who wouldn't fall for someone who called you a queen? Everything down to what I was listening in my Dad's Jeep that night is as clear as if it was yesterday. Well, it was actually today, just one year ago.

I miss him. A lot.

[On a completely unrelated side note, the Angel's rock and the Cardinals better not lose to the stupid Giants.]

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