06.20.05 // 4:07 a.m.


Lately, I've been more proud of my lunares. Maybe it's the fact that they stand out more against my somewhat pale skin. Or maybe it's that they've drawn more attention from potential suitors.

I didn't have lunares when I was just a little kid. They're absent in the photographs. I don't look like myself without them. I love the ones on my right cheek and the one on the left side of my bottom lip. If you got a marker, you could play connect the dots like P tried to do tonight before I messed him up (hehe). I love my lunares, and I'll wear them with pride.

Kris (Iagoali) told the "fly girls" on okayplayer to suggest something and he'd write a poem for them. He's written for me before, always in haiku form. I'm always impressed, pero está vez, se dejó caer (he outdid himself).

I forgot I asked him to write about lunares, but he reminded me Saturday with a quick email. I loved the surprise.

"for cindylu (hailunares)"
by kris/iagoali

listen little one
your sister, the moon, kissed you
while you slumbered sweet

before you knew sleep
before your first morning sun
she visited you

she brought you the night
the sky in entirety
enormous and calm

tiptoeing towards you
her silver skin shrunk into
the sky’s vast blackness

she sung your mother
to sleep before casting her
glance on baby’s cheek

she glanced. she approved.
she led the dance without sound.
moon and sky and you.

before she woke you
sending you into the world
last moment alone

she kissed your face
imbedding her imprint there
only inverted

you and sky and moon
night black mark on moonlit skin
be proud. wear it well.

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