beware, she bites
07.09.05 // 12:44 a.m.

Summer concert buddies "You know what was strange about the Café Tacuba concert on Saturday night?" I asked Jonathan and Ralph.

"No, what?" Ralph asked.

"Well, I was standing behind a guy and he was dancing to the music as everyone else was in the House of Blues, and I kept thinking that I wanted to bite him."

El Pocho The guys just gave me a weird "what the fuck?!" look and took another sip of their pints of Foster's beer.

I explained a little more that the guy was attractive to me and I just wanted to gently bite him on the shoulder. I kinda like to bite.

They still looked confused (rightfully so).

"Was he good looking?" Jonathan asked.

"Yeah, he was cute."

We continued with the topic of biting and began to discuss what they would do if an attractive woman came up to them in a club and just bit their shoulder. I made Jonathan pretend he didn't have a fiancee, but even then he was a little too confused by the whole concept. Ralph, on the other hand, figured it would be some kinda foreplay and wouldn't freak out.

Teeth are for biting The guys thought I should be a biting trendsetter and start that night. I looked around the place and saw a lot of good looking guys, but really didn't think it was a good idea. They all looked a little too young.

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