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07.19.05 // 11:29 p.m.

Go Lakers!

Earl Watson, former UCLA Bruin
I've been crushing on Earl Watson since 1998 when I went to my first UCLA basketball game at UCLA.

I was in the right place at the right time today.

I ran into Eligio, one of my best friends, on my way to buy some food. He told me he was going back to the gym in the Student Activities Center where he works. Last summer he'd frequently tell me about sighting one of my favorite former UCLA basketball players, Earl Watson in the same building where I used to work. I was no longer on campus on a daily basis, so I always missed out.

I didn't miss out today, as you can see. Oh yeah, I'm not even much of a basketball fan. My rationale as I explained on a 1) my dad isn't a basketball fan; 2) As a kid, I thought baseball was so much cooler because there was a Mexican pitching no-hitters for the Dodgers; 3) I'm short and just no good at basketball.

It was cool just sitting in the gym watching a pickup game with UCLA players, NBA players and just random guys who like basketball. Oh yeah, I also really enjoyed the sound of the sneakers squeaking on the gym floor. I love that sound.

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