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07.02.02 // 9:01 p.m.

So, here are some graduation pictures, but these are just a few of the bunch I have and they’re only the ones with my family. I’ll post some with friends later. Enjoy… (sorry this isn’t a real entry, I just don’t really feel like posting all the stuff that’s on my mind).

César Chávez's look alike, my Dad. Yeah, I know he's chunkier than Chávez, but my Dad never participated in a hunger strike, though he did work in agriculture as a young'un.

That’s my Tía Marta, Tío Pancho and the Valerie, Vanessa and Nancy. I think this pictures is hilarious, simply because it took us three tries to get us all looking at the camera with our eyes open, but some random guy stuck his head in the middle…

I love these girls, they're like my sisters.

The sunshine of my life, Valerie. These kids, they grow up so fast. They make me feel old.

Look! I finally have an image of my older brother, Danny, in here. The others, Yo and Adrian are in there too. Check out the parents, don't they look proud?

When my Tío Pancho and my Tía Marta were dating they'd babysit me a lot. I was just a little baby then. I've always had a close connection with my Tío Pancho, I guess since that time when strangers would ask if I was their daughter, and they'd pretend I was. Now he has his own daughters, but we're still close.

I LOVE this picture, I think its one of my favorite, and this is mainly because René (the Crazy Mophead Cousin) and I are so close. He's the boy version of me, sort of.

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