Grad pictures II
07.03.02 // 7:44 p.m.

I felt like such a fuck up this morning. I hit a truck on my way to school. I rear ended the guy when he stopped right after he turned the corner. He stopped ‘cause some guy was jaywalking across the street. I wasn’t pay attention, as you may already assume.

I felt like such a dumbass. His bumper looked pretty bad, but my Computer Blue only had some paint chipped on the hood. I told my Dad already and he’s cool, as long as I’m okay.

Alright, here’s some more grad pictures, of people I’m not related to, but are all good friends.

I call Gabriel “Feo” (ugly), which totally confused anyone who saw this photo. I first met him when I started playing soccer with Mechistas on Thursday nights my first year. Feo and I always share “news” about potential significant others. Do we not look beautiful together? Yo did a good job.

It’s my ex, roommate that is. Pato thinks I look pasty in this picture we took right before the procession into the Chávez Center ceremony. I miss Vane she sounds like Dom when she tells me, “you should be here.” Here being the MUSE program at Cal which is not as multicultural and diverse as she hoped.

It’s the Turtle. Yeah, we’re getting along right now I guess.

Isa and myself at the Chávez Center ceremony. I miss her so much. She’s in Massachusetts with a bunch of over achievers at a summer program. I need a venting session with her and Chispa. I feel like I have no real support network right now. I need people who understand how tough this job is and why I feel like breaking down.

This kid who resembles a Chicano version of Dennis the Menace is Isa’s 3 year old brother, Fatboy. He’s the coolest. We play the drums and air guitar together, or pretend to be Power Rangers.

That’s Nancy on the left and Laura on the right. Nancy is wonderful, she helped me with my signboard when we were campaigning, and I’ve known Laura for almost 4 years now, though I don’t see her nearly as much as I like. She’s one of those mad scientist people like the Turtle…

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