Inappropriately dressed
04.11.02 // 10:59 p.m.

She was wearing a skirt with a hem that came down just a few inches away from her bony knees. A black belt dangled around her waist which bordered the turquoise long sleeve fitted blouse she wore. Knee-high leather boots topped off the look.

She looked nice in her cute outfit, but she wasn’t out at some club on a Friday night. No, she was on her way to class. I could tell by the book and notebook she carried in one arm. She was on her way to study the rise of Marxism in the world while I was on my way to a lecture on racial formation in the US.

It didn’t make sense to me. Even if I had the nice body that this girl did, I would not under any circumstance go to class wearing the clothes she did. Hell, I feel weird wearing a skirt to campus because everyone asks why I’m so dressed up. Or, they tell me, “Cindy, you look nice today.” I know it’s a compliment and it’s nice, but does that mean I don’t look nice when I’m just wearing jeans? Probably.

Anyway, I go for comfort. I wear pants mainly to class because lately it hasn’t been too warm. Maybe it is during the day, but I’m often here until late at night and by then it gets cold. Also, those boots just seemed uncomfortable. My campus is a big place with lots of hills so tennis shoes are the best to wear.

I will continue to hate on girls who look like they’re going clubbing when they’re only going to class. All right, I’m out.

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