05.10.02 // 6:33 p.m.

I discovered thumbnails... ooh! I knew kind of how to do it, but was always too lazy to resize the picture, save it as a new file and then upload it again. I think I'll be changing the fotos page sometime soon and adding some new pics. I want to put up more of Yo's photography.

I'm feeling terrible. My throat really hurts. My body is mad at me for not doing a good job of taking care of it. It's all good. Mamá Toní and Chepe are in from Zacatecas for a while so I'll see them soon and she'll take care of me.

Since I don't have much to write, I'll leave you with some more images taken by the talented Yoyi back in February.

The woman who gave birth to me, looking as beautiful as ever at my cousin's wedding.

24 years of love and counting... only a few months 'til the silver anniversary.

No one knows this lovely flower girl's name, but everyone loves the image, mainly because of her huge eyes.

Aren't Nancy and Yoyi cute?
Taken at Nancy's house on her 17th birthday in April.

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