how you feel about that?

Re: the incident in the bus. I thought crap like that only happened in movies and after-school tv specials. I always find disparities in wealth troubling (not that I am advocating communism here). Those in the big houses probably believe in the myth that because they worked hard they deserve it. I doubt that most of them have ever worked as hard as most of their gardeners and domestics.
[2005-07-27 11:25:19]

I get what you're saying Cindy. But I also think that by buying a home in the neighborhoods where the "brown" people are typically the hired help is a way of saying "screw you. I'm a Latina and yes, I live next door to you. And I'll share some pan dulce with your nanny and probably know more about her life than you do!" You know?
[2005-07-27 13:11:44]

i agree with lex, screw 'em. crazies on the bus, i try to never make eye contact.
[2005-07-27 13:39:11]

Man, I can't believe that and yet I can. Sometimes it all seems so unfair. In regard to what Lex said, I don't think you should worry about making other brown people feel less than you because you've got your head in the right place. You've shared with us so many times the reasons you're becoming a professional and I think you'll be able to reach so many people starting with those who live around you.
[2005-07-27 22:40:47]

for the past few years my mom has hired martin, a jardinero, to tend to our yard each week. he comes on wedesnday mornings. he has also done some work around our church etc. i'm happy that my parents are kind and honest people who pay martin a real wage - well he names his price. he has told my mom of other situations where people don't pay at all. unfortunately, one of those people was someone my mom recommended him to. i hope kharma has stricken down their nice lawns and flowers.
[2005-07-27 23:11:08]

wow, that's a really fucked up story. i've never been comfortable around beverly hills, westwood, bel-air, or any of those places. a few months ago a friend of mine and i took a wrong turn there and had to drive right through all those on sunset... we were scared, seriously, scared. never have i felt so out of place, i could never picture myself living in places like that-even if i could afford it.
[2005-07-28 00:33:27]

Xoloiztquintle, I always feel so weird driving through those neighborhoods. I find the big differences I see in wealth in this city just driving along streets like Sunset and Wilshire. The neighborhoods change immenseley along class and race/ethnicity lines.

Lex, I could do that... but probably not in the LA area. Buying a home would be a nightmare here. I think it's good to challenge peoples' preconceived notions.

Irasali, I've never been a regular bus rider. I don't have the kind of street smarts to just avoid some people, hence why I found myself in a coversation with that crazy woman.

Geo, thanks. I think I just generally worry about staying grounded in my community if the one I live in (or will live in) is so different than where I or my parents grew up.

Vette, my mom has hired many Mexicans to help out and do work around the house. I'm glad that there are good and fair people out there.

Vicky, I'm most comfortable in the neighborhoods I know. I remember my cousin having a conversation with a white colleague who asked her if she was scared to live in her East LA neighborhood. My cousin laughed, she was just scared about the neighborhoods she mentioned where she is unfamiliar and the people look at you suspiciously.
[2005-07-28 00:56:14]

The Noon
True, true, true, but I'm sure the people working in those homes would appreciate working for you in the future when, instead of trying to exploit them, you become the type of employer who offers good wages and consideration -- my Dominican housekeeper loved my fairness, her good wages, my interest in her life and in her advancement, and how I was just so different from anyone she had worked for before. Also, in an aside, I've recommended you to Franziska Castillo, who's writing an article for Latina magazine and Jeannette Soriano has mentioned you her cousin's cousin and that she couldn't convince you to go to Harvard Ed. School.
[2005-07-28 00:59:18]

I live in the house I grew up in, in a solidly middle-class neighborhood. When I was a kid, Don Mario next door was the only latino around. Now, probably a quarter of the neighborhood is latino. Then again, that's because there are a lot of bigger, nicer homes elsewhere that all of my old neighbors (and my parents) moved to. Now my car has been stolen from my own driveway, and a house three blocks away blew up in a meth explosion. The age old-question: If your neighborhood goes to hell, do you stay (with your kids) and make it better, or do you move "up" and hope to better your new community. The answer: I have no flipping idea.
[2005-07-28 02:51:23]

I just wanna say I think it's really cool you're blogging at - they need more of you.
[2005-07-28 03:14:57]

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