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aeee! to say that driving in LA is expensive is an understement! gladyss ( my 2000, 6 cylinder ford taurus ) demands $35 for every full tank. working at LAX i gotta fill her up twice a week... try and make it to glendale from lax in less than an hour at 2:30pm... no way! say goodbye to your gas. damnit. recently i had to buy gladyss a new $100 battery. chin. insurance aint cheap either.. but we live and die by our cars in LA. i used to take the bus to school up until mid last year. it was nice at times, getting to relax and let someone do the driving, put my headphones on and try to appreciate something in the "scenery". sometimes i wish i could go back to taking the bus ( especially on my way home parked on the 110 ), but when i remember how long i'd have to wait and how long the ride would be... the fact that it took me an hour to get to school on the mta and that it only takes me 15max to get there with my car.. i can't bear it. i also got fat(ter) when i started driving more. why cant LA be like NYC and have an efficient public transportation system?
[2005-07-02 22:06:00]

the bay area isn't much better in terms of traffic, it gets worse it seems every year, and now the Bart (subway) may go on strike... it sucks that back in the day both the bay area and LA had a fairly good public transportation system based on rail, and more nature friendly fuels. Then came GM and slowly put to death the good systems already in place. I've had V8 motors in my cars all my driving life, and I now wish I had a V4, well kind of....peace
[2005-07-03 02:17:24]

and i have minivan that gets filled with $50+. A round trip from Salinas to Berkeley is half a tank, and i do it twice a week. i need a motorcycle como el Che.
[2005-07-03 02:56:06]

Yes. I feel your pain, lulu. I had to fork over 200 bucks to my pops today for the 2nd installment of my insurance.( its under his name.)... not only that, i still have to give my carro it's 100 K tune up, driving belt, timing betl, water pump, gaskets. etc etc...... im 14,000 overdue...:-/, or better said, the lady who i bought the car from 2 months ago hadnt given it its overhaul tune up... another 200 bucks.... but, better safe than sorry i suppose. i love the fact that i can go anywhere at anytime without waiting for the bus, so ill bitterly and sweetly pay my dues for the carrito.. heh, at least my registration's cheap and due in 2 months... 54 bucks!
[2005-07-03 06:48:21]

i can't imagine not having a car and having to rely totally on public transportation .. i was raised in the same way .. everyone drove! which .. btw .. is why i likely wouldn't do well living in a place like nyc where owning a car is practically impossible (unless you're quite wealthy)
[2005-07-03 11:20:49]

Oh man. youre so lucky. even if its an added expense..its got to be worth not having to deal with late buses..or buses that dont bother showing up anywhere near acceptably late....and the extremely long long long commute to get anywhere using our inefficient public transportation system. I envy you!!!
[2005-07-03 14:02:02]

i hate commuting on the buses and trains. they take forever and what makes it more frustrating is that sometimes two or three show up at once. (now imagine waiting for that in the dead of a chicago winter.) the crazies and smellies are always on the bus too--yes i'm a commute snob. the bus causes motion sickness. and not all neighborhoods in this city are well connected and i usually happen to live in the least connected barrios.
[2005-07-03 17:38:32]

Daily Texican
I have two cars! Yikes. People don't really like that here in the hippy NW. Ditch your car and buy a motorcycle.
[2005-07-04 04:41:48]

Damn school parking permits! I remember one semester I was able to "borrow" a faculty permit...that was the life! It's not my fault they left their car window rolled down!
[2005-07-04 20:24:37]

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