how you feel about that?

poor little cindylu! ahahahahah, I LOOOOVED this post. I would overnight you some of my ganas but honestly I think my ganas and your ganas must be painting the town red if your ganas really ran away to Chi-town. This dang beautiful weather and the promise of summer vacas have me daydreaming and avoiding term papers too! So if I come across your ganas I might just have to hog them up for myself :P
[2005-05-14 16:08:45]

word. if your ganas find my ganas, let me know. off to do some peyote. un abrazo
[2005-05-14 16:46:19]

word on the street is my ganas and your ganas eloped. SCANDALOUS eh?
[2005-05-14 18:13:05]

hey, hang in there. sometimes we have to do things, even if we don't have ganas. like many of our parents who work long hours for real low wages, ni modo. then after we are done, and we will be done, we celebrate like real Raza, con tequila y todo. suerte, i just got through my MA exams, i feel you. drink a beer or glass of wine now and then. it helps.
[2005-05-14 21:22:46]

I found your ganas, they are here in Ohio. They are right next to those white people.
[2005-05-14 21:49:39]

your ganas jumped into the trunk of my car as I was packing for Panama. I will messenger them to you by burro at the next international border.
[2005-05-14 23:34:44]

Frances M.
Take a deep breath -close your eyes, tuck your chin and think of the tip of your nose - maybe that'll help bring your ganas back.
[2005-05-15 00:52:36]

Let me tell you something about ganas. It likes to be appreciated. Sometimes it's there the whole time, but hiding. The ganas will be in the fridge behind the pickles or underneath yesterday's newspaper next to the couch. It'll sit there quietly and patiently, then when you really need the ganas, say six hours before the take home final is due, it'll jump out and suprise you. You get your business done and gain the praise and respect of everyone around you. Your ganas are just waiting around to show off.
[2005-05-15 04:52:06]

you're right to be suspicious. i had pizza with your ganas last night but that was it. if i see your ganas still hanging around i might get them to wash the dishes for me before i fedex 'em back to you.
[2005-05-15 15:49:17]

Don't blame me. I ain't got no ganas. I just want to hang out with my mom.
[2005-05-16 02:09:32]

Well, well, well, seems like you were looking for your ganas praying to God not to find them. ;-)
[2005-05-17 08:44:19]

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