how you feel about that?

don't feel sorry at all, even liberated chicanas need companionship once in a while. this damned weather isn't helping either :(
[2004-11-10 02:47:50]

i am definitely feelin' classmates and i are counting down the days til the semester is over. i don't hate school, it is just so emotionally and physically draining! oh and yeah, i'm seeking a cuddle buddy too...most of the men in my program are gay so i'm lookin' elsewhere. ;)
[2004-11-10 11:47:42]

name Johanna
Girl has the world gone mad. I just heard that Bush just appointed the firt latino as Attorney General! wow. I don't if I should jump for joy or shake in fear. beside the politics, which i have been swamped at work, I definately feel for you. Hang in there i hard that Grad school is a bitch. But we need more liberated chicanas there.
[2004-11-10 15:47:03]

Daily Texican
I'm a man. I'm reading your stuff, so I'm giving you attention. I'm in another state, but ah, what the hell. Un abrazo.
[2004-11-11 13:44:22]

"Attentive Male" - some would say that's an oxymoron.
[2004-11-12 03:14:35]

meh. oso, didn't you see carlos' comment. it made me feel a little better. your's just made me sad.
[2004-11-12 04:04:29]

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