how you feel about that?

You and I need a CD trade - let me know if you'd like to..
[2002-10-27 23:26:00]

you need to add more Common (before he went Badu-insane) and Tribe albums to your collection. and de la also.
[2002-10-30 12:40:13]

andy guzman
yea common's early shit "ressurection" and "can I borrow a dollar" are must haves in any hiphop junkies collection. blackalicous one of my all time fave, also look into his clique solesides (formerly quannam projects). I'm from chicago, but still know my cali connects dont forget to look into aceyalone abstract rude (freestyle fellowship) and L.A's own mothafuckin livin legends.
[2004-05-02 23:20:41]

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