Back from SF
06.24.02 // 5:34 p.m.

Every time I return from a visit with my boy, or send him off I feel a renewed sense of hope that a long distance relationship between two very busy 21 year olds can work. The negative thoughts and icky feelings in my stomach don’t come around until later when I haven’t heard from him in a few days and the both of us are just too busy for even a short phone call.

I didn’t spend too much time with Dominic this weekend, not as much as I’m used to. Vane and I made the trip up to San José in a little over 5 hours. He picked me up at her house late at night, around 1:30 am. Then we had to drive for an hour all the way back to San Francisco where it was way too cold for the first few days of summer.

Saturday he had to work until 3 when Lou (his brother) and I went to his work to go pick him up. The rest of the day we spent together. We went to the opening of an art show by Tim's (their "houseguest" of sorts) friend in the Mission. The paintings themselves were nice, but we agreed that the scene was just not us. It was a bunch of young, trendy, urban, yuppy people. Yes, I know I'm young and urban, but calling my trendy and a yuppy is grounds for starting a fight with me. They all seemed to be trying to hard to appear "hip" and "cultured." The good thing about the gallery was that it was in the Mission, so I took a walk with Dom and checked out colorful murals about Mexican and Central American history.

You know what I realized again this weekend? How cool Lou is. I started to feel how Lori did earlier, that whatever happens between me and Dom she'd still like to remain friends with him. I hadn't yet truly realized how a relationship affects more than just the two people in it. If suddenly I lost contact with Dom, I'd miss Lou too.

Nonetheless, I felt like someone was missing the entire time, Yo. She didn't mind not going though since she had things to do at home. She's got a job now too... que cute.

I caught a flight home on Sunday since I was too impatient to take the bus home (7-11 hours!). I miss Vane already.

And now, I leave you with kisses from me and Yo...

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