A beautiful baby
03.12.02 // 6:49 p.m.

I love baby pictures, but not the kind where you’re posed with some goofy background. The best kinds are the totally spontaneous ones. I have a bunch of snapshots of myself as a really cute baby, and many more of my siblings.

We were lucky that we weren’t like those funny looking babies. You know the kind. They’re the ones that people know are not cute, but still pretend that they are because they don’t want to offend anyone.

I must sound like a total snob. But people ignore the fact that not all babies are cute. Luckily, I was and so was Dom. I visited his website yesterday and found the greatest pictures that I swiped. I’d seen the baby pictures before at his house.

My favorite is this one. Just think, I kissed that dirty little mouth almost two months ago. Of course when I kissed him he didn’t have baby food hasta las orejas, like my mom says.

Those eyes… I love ‘em. I wish I could look into them right now, without blinking and see my own reflection.

And the sexy earlobes! They weren’t too sexy back then, they were too little, but now his earlobes are renowned for their lusciousness… good for listening and other stuff.

I can’t forget the red hair. This was what I was talking about when I wrote the BIS (boy in stroller) entry.

Dom was a beautiful baby just like me. Yeah we got a lot in common.

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