in the atl (images)
06.05.03 // 4:49 p.m.

Just a few Atlanta pictures. There are more, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

Piedmont Park
We got good genes
Will tries to tell me a secret

Atlanta Botanical Garden
(most were in the Children's Garden)
Me and the frog quite unhappy
The frog can read
I look like I was shrunk and stuck in a caterpillar
Yoyi is a superstar!
I find this one oddly symmetrical
It's a slide, he hurt his elbow
I want doors likethis one and this one
In Peter Rabbit's burrow
He didn't have a choice with me or with Yoyi
Creek Indians used plants for healing
She's short
He's practicing for when he gets older
Who knew circular brick things could be so fun? Me
Yoyi being adventurous
Yoyi the model
Yes, I know we're dorks

The only one I have of the plants, I'll get more... savila (or aloe)

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