04.01.05 // 5:06 p.m.

I wrote a few weeks ago that I didn't like Mexicans. We all know that was just a joke and I truly wasn't serious. I really do like Mexican men, especially one in particular.

It was weird on Sunday night. I was sitting in a room watching TV with four couples. My cousin Ernie was there with his new girlfriend. My cousin Rene was there with the girl he's talking to, Veronica. My sister was cuddling with Mikey and Danny was doing the same thing with Christina. Each couple was in their own corner.

Danny or Ernie brought it up. They joked that I couldn't be in the room without a boy. They urged that I get a boyfriend. I didn't say anything, but I wanted to say something like, "hey, I do have one, but it's too early to bring him home... especially on a holiday."

Okay, so the story about the new novio. I mentioned him in last post. I gave him a pseudonym, but now I'm like "what the hell." Alfonso (the infamous Hispanic Pundit) and I "met" while arguing about affirmative action over at Oso's blog. I wasn't kidding in any of my responses to him. I really did think he was an arrogant machista. It wasn't just that he was a conservative, his attitude really bothered me. I hated the fact that he was making assumptions about who I was.

That changed though. He saw that I was Mexican from browsing through my Flickr photos. He checked out my blog and saw that I had written about attending Ash Wednesday services and the beginning of Lent. According to him, he was intrigued at a how a Chicana who was in the "belly of the beast" of liberalism – also known as academia – could keep so much of her "Mexican-ness."

He contacted me via email and then he called me just to try to “understand me.” Our first conversation lasted until the wee hours of Valentine's day. He told me I had to be his Valentine. Our subsequent conversations continued to last for hours. I got to know a lot about him and vice versa. And yes, politics did come up in the discussion, quite frequently. They still do, but I'm beginning to look past it.

We met pretty soon after our first conversation. He came to LA to take care of business, and on a rainy Saturday evening we headed out for some Italian food, discussions over Chicana/o Studies, and a tour of Compton.

It's strange to me how two very different people can be very compatible... even when we push each other's buttons.

Oh yeah, don't be scared, just 'cause I really like Alfonso don’t expect to see me cheering for the other side.

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