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01.28.03 // 12:13 a.m.

I know I haven't posted many pictures here in a while. I just haven't had the time and Yo hasn't been taking many lately. But, I finally have some thanks to the quickness of one hour photo! The photos were all taken by the photographer at the party.

My dad is Charlie, and we're his angels. Yeah, I know its cheesy.

So we aren't as cute as we were in 1986, but we're still some good looking kids. We have good genes.

The six of us and the abuelitos. Sixty years! My dad has a ton of canas (grey hair) and I think I'm starting to take after him. I have a few canas myself. I guess it's because of all the stress I'm under.

Yeah, Yo and I really love our Papa Chepe.

My brothers with the nopal in the background, y en la frente. Translation: the phrase "nopal en la frente" literally means cactus on the forehead. Basically, you can tell they're Mexican.

Yo and my cousin Vanny. Yo's hair rocks.

Me with the Crazy Mophead Cousin.
Danny: you should cut your hair, you're never going to get a job like that!
Rene: no way! This is my excuse for not having a job.
Danny: well maybe you could model or something.
Rene: who would I model for? High Times?! I love my cousins.

Four generations all in one image. Everyone except my grandfather is a Roberto. Betito, the baby, was being a little punk during the pictures. He didn't want to smile.

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