it's out of my hands
12.15.03 // 2:13 p.m.

I walked over to Moore Hall, just up the small hill from my new office. I enter the building and walk down the long hallway to room 1009. I hand my application in the manila envelope to the HEOC student advisor. She opens it up while I ask her about submitting my GRE scores. She tells me to just bring the copy of the score report the ETS sent me and she'll make a copy. So, I do just that. I leave Moore the same way I enter and on my way out I run into professor RR, one of the professors in HEOC I met with during the last two weeks. He recognizes me and says hello. As we exit the building, he asks, "You're applying to HEOC right?"


"Did you get in all your application stuff?"

"Yeah, I just turned it in right now. I need to get a copy of my GRE scores though."

He goes on as we walk down the hill, "You met with Mitch [another HEOC professor] last week, right?"

"That's right."

"I spoke to him about it, he said he was very impressed."

A few words later, we parted ways and I returned to our new office feeling pretty happy. I knew my meeting with Prof. Mitch went well and that he was impressed. He even asked me my GPA and GRE scores and after knowing about my background concluded that I would be a very competitive applicant.

Hearing prof RR reiterate it made me feel a bit more confident. I guess this is a good sign, no?

Let's see how things go, hopefully HEOC will want me, and give me money too! The application is all out of my hands, now all I got to do is bug the two professors about sending in the letters! Sigh.

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