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01.18.02 // 3:41 p.m.

By this time tomorrow I should be in a Southwest Airlines plane traveling north in the skies above California. I will see Dom who is just “too marvelous for words” as the talented Billie Holiday sings. I love that song. When I first heard I immediately thought of Dom… ¿queso, no?

About AB 540, so it passed (read the Daily Bruin’s story to learn some more).

I feel good to know that our work paid off. However, there is still a lot of hard work to do. Although AB 540 helps, undocumented students are still ineligible for both federal and state financial aid. Many scholarships also require you to be a citizen. $4,000 for tuition is still a lot of money to pay, and I know many immigrants can't afford this.

Things have really changed since I’ve been here. In 1998 I was part of the first class admitted using the new rules established by SP1, which eliminated race, ethnicity and gender from admissions. It was a big deal back then because the numbers of underrepresented minorites fell tremendously at UCLA and Berkeley. Thanks to student’s efforts, SP1 and SP2 (deals with hiring and contracting) were repealed by the UC Regents last May and admissions criteria have been improved. Student initiated outreach projects have also received increased funding since ’99. We’ve had some victories, but there are still so many more issues to tackle.

Sigh… those who fight for social justice and access education for all people will always have work to do... but its a labor of love.

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