Campus memories
05.31.02 // 1:29 a.m.

I know I’m not leaving this campus anytime soon, but I still get nostalgic walking around (that’s when I’m not in a hurry rushing to class). Everything has some memory attached to it.

I haven’t even been around the dorms where I spent half of my undergraduate career. Sigh… there’s so much there. There’s room 334 in Sproul 3 North, the floor I spent my first 6 weeks at UCLA on during the Freshman Summer Program. It’s where I met my best friends now. Chispa, Pato, Isa, a few others and myself formed the 3 North Fresas, a “gang,” if you will. If you know anything about Mexican slang, you’d know that a fresa (strawberry) is a derogatory term for the stuck up rich kids of Mexican society.

Then I moved to 363 Hedrick. I moved in a week earlier than the rest of my floor mates because I had to go to band camp (quit it with the jokes!). I shared the room with annoying Monica and super nice Angela. It was like living in a shoebox. I don’t miss it.

The room with the most memories is 676 Hedrick. Oohh… so much happened in there. I lived with Ome that year and Chispa and Pato were our neighbors. I actually liked a few people on that floor. A lot of interesting stuff happened with Chalio in that room, a few firsts and even some drama.

Then there are spots all over campus where one thing or another occurred. I made out in a really slow elevator in Campbell. My first kiss with the Turtle was outside of Perloff Hall. The Court of Sciences holds precious RYC memories. The Young Grand Salon in Kerckhoff will remind me of installation last year and Victor whispering in my ear, “I love you.”

There’s the steps of Kerckhoff where I jumped up and down with excitement when I heard Nicole, the elections board chair, read off that I had just been elected General Representative #1. The news got even better when it was announced that the rest of SE! won their positions too. Damn, that candidates’ circle was intense.

There’s the Men’s Gym where I had so many counseling sessions with Carlos, Lina and Alena. There’s the Bruin Bear where I was supposed to meet up with Stupid (why are so many memories related to boys?). There’s the IM field where I went to the JazzReggae fest and played soccer with friends only to hit my head.

I can’t forget my favorite spots either. The balcony outside of my office, the quiet bridge behind the Fowler Museum, Palm Court in Bunche, the Sculpture Garden, the path leading to the pool behind Hedrick, the Sunset Recreation Center, the 4th floor bridge between the Business School buildings, Wilson Plaza, all of Kerckhoff, the arches of Royce Hall, and the rotunda in Powell Library. I think I’m forgetting some.

Sigh… everywhere I go there’s something. I can give a Cindylu Campus Tour about all the spots significant to me in one way or another. If you’re interested in the Cindylu Campus Tour, make sure you bringing your walking shoes, ‘cause the campus is huge. Maybe I should take pictures of all these places, before they’re not around for much longer (due to the construction).

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