05.10.02 // 2:19 a.m.

Straight from the mouth of the Elections Board, the result of the runoff election for the internal vice president position.


May 9, 2002

We attest to the accuracy and validity of the Undergraduate Students Association Runoff Election held on May 8th and 9th, 2002.

17.85% TURNOUT

Justin "M" Levi...1,802........42.14%

TJ Cordero........2,469........57.74%

Executive Board of the 2002 USAC Elections Board


It’s great that TJ won this position and by such a big margin. I feel bad because I didn’t even do any campaigning this week, but I did work hard on his cool signboard. This makes me feel a little better about leaving council. At least I know that it hasn’t been take over my Dave’s SURE chumps.

Still trying to finish the CS 101 midterm. I need to complete extra credit assignments now so that the points I get taken off won’t really affect my grade.

So, nostalgia is in full swing these days. Guess who I got a chance to catch up with and see today? If you guessed Dario, you’re wrong, but if for some strange reason you guessed Linh Nuh-goo-yen, then you get a cookie for being right. Okay, I know this is not how you pronounce his very common Vietnamese last name, Nguyen, but this is how I jokingly pronounced it during high school.

Anyway, Linh is a second year student up at UCSB who I went to high school with. He played trombone (or was it baritone?) with me in the band and from the get go we got along well. He’s one of the few people I keep in contact with on a regular basis that I went to high school with, but I hadn’t seen him since his graduation day in June 2000.

So, he stopped by my apartment since he was going to be in the area to visit some friends at UCLA and then go see his girl friend in Irvine. He looked different, older, not as skinny as before, and a little darker. He’s still cute as ever though.

I love Linh. He’s always been there for me just to listen whether it was hearing about my latest crush in high school, my anxieties over college plans, the drama with Justin, my current bout with senioritis, or the trials and tribulations of a long distance relationship.

More nostalgia, I got a chance to communicate via AIM with my ex-Valentine, Miguel. Supposedly he still goes to school here but I haven’t seen him once this quarter and maybe twice in the winter. Life as a commuter must suck. I miss him too.

Last bit of nostalgia for today, May 10 marks the anniversary of Student Empowerment's! sweep of the 2001 USAC elections. The Magnificent Seven kicked ass, and I became general rep #1. I'll scan some pictures from that night soon enough.

Ultimamente, es el Día de las Madres en México. A la Luz de mi Vida, mi madre, te quiero tanto que ni lo puedo expresar en ningún idioma. Mamá Toní, sin todos tus sacrificios no pudiera llegar a tener el éxito que he logrado en solo unos veinte años de vida. Grandma, gracias por todo el amor que me regalaste durante eso años muy cortos en que te conocí. Te extraño.

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